Rulers of the Sane

by Illusionless

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Andrej Romić
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Andrej Romić A unique record, which i can call brutal progressive death metal(?), sounds weird, but the sound is so complex and heavy, those vocals are so deep and skull crushing. Favorite track: The Human Failure.
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EP 'Rulers of the Sane' by Progressive Death Metal band Illusionless.
Release date: 4th of May, 2013

Produced and mixed by Uri Dijk (Textures, Ethereal, The Ulex) at O-Town Studios.
Re-Amped by Bart Hennephof (Textures) at Final Focus Studios
Mastered by Acle Kahney (TesseracT)
Photography and artwork by Lisa Raisa Ferrari

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released May 4, 2013

Melle Brouwer - Vocals
Zeno de Jong - Guitars/Backing vocals
Jeroen Serdijn - Bassguitar
Joshua Wells - Drums

Special thanks to: Uri Dijk, Bart Hennephof, Acle Kahney, Lisa Raisa Ferrari and Aad Brouwer



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Illusionless Leiden, The Netherlands

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Track Name: The Human Failure
The Human Failure

Distinguish the frame
Wherein lies our path
Push past the line
Break and tear it apart

Strangulation with barbed wire

Just hold your breath, It’s only a matter of a little pain
Throw off this encumbrance, throw it away
Just hold your breath, It’s only a matter of a little pain
This vile insurgence, (This resistance) left to decay

The struggle is indefinite
Your life has fallen into decadence

Flood this rancid plane
With Quintessential Waters
A genocide during psychogenic fugue
Etched it's existence into time
Etched it's existence into time.
Etched it's existence into time.

Turn towards me now relinquish in my hate
When you feel it it is far too late
Bathe in the venom of the air which I breathe
Try to run as your skin begins to seethe

Mars and Venus intwine
Push past this line
I Set this disgusting world ablaze
With Fires of the Divine
Impregnate the human soul
With the...
Track Name: Bloodtrail

Internal shivering
The gray wind, caressing my wounds
And licking my soar throat
Over and over again

Eternal strugle
Relapse into infinity
Again I find myself
Passing another crossroad

And everything is still the same
I can feel it burning inside of me

Eating me up like carrion
My feeble mind is getting worse
Slowly falling apart

And as I dream about slaughtering you
Another part of me turns wretched
So twisted not even death could mend it
As I leave you fucking beheaded

As I bring you down!

Will be returned with intimidation

Now, I ripped your soul apart
And forced it away
Leaving a bloodtrail

Discordant, disfiguration of words
Lurking in the back of my head
As I drag my useless body
Along the meaningless cord that is my life
Track Name: Process of Insanity
Process of Insanity

This process of insanity
Such abnormal patterns
Destabilized mental behavior
Uttering sheer profanity... profanity!

I am my own king
Ruler of the sane... Ruler of the sane!
To the clean, the sinners I bring
Nothing shall cause my detain

This bizarre core called into existence

Shall bring purity after purgatory
In light blue flames

You cannot see the profound lies that surround your life
All fooled by this seeming mania
You're wrong in your judgement and you'll soon find out how...

...Things within me still blind you all
Leaving your mind blank
Stare in solemnity
This insurgence shall be your downfall
In time.

Death, Invocation, I conjure thee to do my bidding
Release, Intwine, rotten corpses of before
Inanimate, to instill this state of mind
Upon me

"Mens insana in copore insano, non compos mentis."

Now I'll shall take what’s mine!

I am my own king
Ruler of the sane... Ruler of the sane!
To the clean, the sinners I bring
Nothing shall bring me down - none shall cause my detain

Father!... Mother! Of all suns with gaping mouth
Destroyer and nurturer of worlds

I / Into me

Everything is silent, everything is intwined into me... (2x)
Everything is silent, everything is intwined into me... (Into me...)
Everything is silent, (Everything...) everything is intwined into me... (Into I...)